Relief to Rebuilding: Join the Summer Mission in the Philippines


Relief to Rebuilding: Join the Summer Mission in the Philippines to Help Haiyan Survivors Rebuild Their Homes, Farms, and Lives

June 8th, 2014

It has been seven months since Super-Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. The survivors have courageously persevered in putting their lives back together and preserving their communities. Their endeavor to survive has been bolstered by local grassroots relief efforts and the support of NAFCON and generous volunteers and donors from around the world.

However, more than half a year later, the situation is still dire, as the country enters a new phase in the post-Typhoon Haiyan era: rehabilitation and rebuilding. Safe, sturdy housing is needed for the more than 4.1 million people who were displaced. Farmers and fishermen whose crops and boats were destroyed need to restore their land, seedlings, and farming and fishing equipment in order to regain their means of survival.

With relief from official government agencies still inadequate, NAFCON organized five Solidarity and Health Missions (SHM), sending health professionals and volunteers from the U.S. to directly attend to health needs of those in hard to reach areas. These missions served more than 100,000 survivors by providing timely relief, medical assistance, and psychosocial intervention (PSI) therapy to assist families in the healing process.

Equally important to the rebuilding effort is also protecting communities from future calamities. This effort includes holding the Philippine and local governments accountable for environmental preservation such as maintaining forests and watersheds that act as natural barriers against the massive destruction caused by flooding.

As Typhoon Haiyan survivors move into the rehabilitation and rebuilding phase and continue to pursue long-term sustainability, we invite you to support them by joining the upcoming NAFCON SHM from July 24-29. This mission will focus on distributing humanitarian assistance to Haiyan survivors, as well as activities such as rebuilding homes and farms. It will also be a key opportunity to participate in NAFCON’s campaign to further the rebuilding effort within the framework of social and environmental justice as a foundation for long-term sustainability.

Learn more about and register for SHM by going to or contact the National Coordinator Eugene Gambol at (916) 296–4848 or We hope this will be a successful endeavor you can share with your family and community.

Yours truly,

Terrence Valen, President – National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON)



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