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December 6, 2014


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NAFCON Response Ready for Typhoon Hagupit

Just over one year after historic Super-Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) has fully activated its typhoon response program again to aid survivors and victims of Typhoon Hagupit (Philippine Name: Ruby). The alliance of over 30 organizations raised over $1 million in response to Haiyan last year and reported how 100% of the proceeds went towards helping survivors. NAFCON has set up collection centers and will host activities in numerous cities around the country starting today. NAFCON Typhoon Response Logo

“It’s important that we act in this time of need and that we donate to organizations with a proven, trusted, and positive track record of genuinely helping affected communities.  We urge people to donate to NAFCON instead of the Philippine Government.  Tens of thousands of still struggling typhoon victims from last year have given President Aquino a failing grade in aiding victims of Haiyan.  He has not demonstrated true concern for rebuilding the livelihoods of millions of displaced Filipinos,” said Terrence Valen, NAFCON President and Director of the Filipino Community Center in San Francisco.

Typhoon Hagupit hit the Philippines Saturday night in many of the same areas hit last year, making the situation much more dire.  Given the severely rising death tolls and worsening devastation due to typhoons hitting the Philippines, NAFCON strongly emphasizes the need to address local and international environmental injustices such as mining, deforestation, logging, and climate change that increase the country’s vulnerability to calamitous events.

bayanihan relief RUBY“I have also lost over 50 relatives from typhoons. Man-made destruction of the environment compounded by intensifying weather events, easily killed thousands, including my loved ones. We have to strengthen our awareness of the magnitude of ecological crisis and its catastrophic impact on humanity and the planet. It did not begin and end with Typhoon Haiyan, nor will it end with Typhoon Hagupit. Ecological destruction will only worsen globally. Impacted communities including Philippine typhoon survivors will lead in addressing the root causes and create solutions to the ecological crisis,” said Anne Naguit, Vice President of NAFCON and staff person for the Philippine Forum in New York.

NAFCON believes that donating to provide immediate relief and working to address the related environmental issues must go hand in hand to truly improve the lives of Filipinos and all those affected by typhoons and other calamities.

“That is why on Earth Day 2014, NAFCON launched its Environmental Justice for the Philippines (EJ4PH) campaign which holds Philippine President Aquino accountable for supporting destructive large-scale mining and logging and failing to act on behalf of typhoon affected communities. Our EJ4PH campaign also enables community groups and individuals in the U.S. to adopt communities and also visit and support people in the Philippines first hand.  Those communities are struggling daily to protect their environment from aggressive corporations that are destroying their land, and they are taking action to address climate change which is increasing the strength and deadliness of typhoons,” said AV David, NAFCON Alliance Secretary and member of Laya Migrant Youth for Change and Action in Daly City.

As part of its EJ4PH campaign, NAFCON organized a national Environmental Justice Summit and joined hundreds of thousands in the Peoples Climate March in New York City last September.

To donate to NAFCON’s Typhoon Response Program, support its EJ4PH campaign, or get more information on the alliance go to or call the alliance’s National Office at 415.333.6267.



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