On the 44th Anniversary of the Declaration of Martial Law

Reference: Terry Valen, NAFCON President, president@nafconusa.org


nafcon-on-mlNAFCON sees our work as not only honoring and upholding the legacy of the anti-fascist People Power movement, from the legacy of Andres Bonifacio, and the fighting legacy of the Filipino farmworkers (whom we celebrated at last year’s 50th anniversary commemoration of the Delano grape strike), to all of the struggles we continue to wage today to fight for our kababayan here and in our homeland.

We see our work today as also advancing that legacy to ensure that an undemocratic dictatorship NEVER emerges again and we make the changes we need to create a Philippines for Filipinos who live with dignity and justice in our homeland and wherever we choose to go. We stand with all peace-loving people to make sure that the Filipino People Power legacy is what is celebrated as heroic, and Marcos is never enshrined in our national history or honored for the insult, injury, and inhumanity he inflicted on the Philippines.

NAFCON is a national alliance of more than 30 organizations in more than 20 cities across the United States that has been fighting for Filipinos here in the US and in our homeland on issues such as wage theft, labor trafficking, the displacement, militarization, and killing of indigenous communities like the Lumad in Mindanao, and for environmental justice and the victims of the intensifying typhoons, sending millions in grassroots relief to our kabayan in the Philippines.

More than 80 people from the US just returned from the Philippines where they visited water projects, communities where we sent grassroots relief donations, and where local communities are organizing themselves and building grassroots power to protect and defend their communities, ancestral domain, and our national patrimony – for Filipinos FIRST!

These communities and the work of grassroots People’s organizations are the hope and change we need for our country, even while we have a President that is pursuing peace and promises change.  We invite you to join us as we advance our platform as Kababayan for Change (K4C) to truly establish democracy, independence, and social justice in the Philippines.

It is our vigilance, our organizing, our struggle, and our strength that will create the meaningful change and just and lasting peace that the people are clamoring for.  It is the same vigilance, organizing, struggle, and strength that will guarantee:

Never again to martial law! Never again to fascist dictatorship!


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