NAFCON Invites Health Professionals and Volunteers to Medical Mission in Eastern Visayas for Haiyan’s Fifth Anniversary

Commemorating Haiyan’s Fifth Anniversary, NAFCON Invites Health Professionals and Volunteers to Medical Mission in Eastern Visayas


Five years ago, the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) mobilized our member organizations, supporters, and allies in the US, and gathered support from over 30 countries worldwide for the families and communities affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013. We raised donations for food, housing materials, medicine, and livelihood resources and sent them timely and efficiently to the most affected communities through our grassroots partner organizations on the ground. NAFCON also responded quickly by joining and organizing a series of relief and solidarity missions in those communities, bringing doctors, nurses, therapists, educators, artists, volunteers, and other community members who enthusiastically offered their skills and time to aid those in need.

Today, five years later, these communities still need our help as the government rehabilitation plan remains inadequate and slow. In some resettlement sites, the villages still lack access to potable water. Many houses built for typhoon victims use substandard materials, making them vulnerable to future disasters. Many are still demanding that long-overdue financial assistance promised to them be disbursed.

Access to social services such as healthcare has been lacking. Poverty, exacerbated by government neglect and regular typhoons, has caused the deterioration of the health of community members. Lack of education on health and well-being, as well as lack of access to doctors and health professionals, aggravate the conditions of the people.  Examples of conditions needing health education include diabetes, hypertension, respiratory infections, skin diseases, and trauma and stress management.

It is in this light that NAFCON, in collaboration with Kabataan Alliance, will head back to Eastern Visayas to host a Medical Mission and Community-Based Learning Trip this November to commemorate Haiyan’s fifth anniversary.

We call on health professionals, students and workers, educators, artists, writers, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and community members to once again join us in providing free health services and supporting the long-term rebuilding of Eastern Visayas.

The 5-day mission will consist of a simultaneous surgical medical mission in a hospital and a medical clinic in at least one community. The surgical mission will serve 140 patients, whose common afflictions are hernia, hydrocele, hemangioma, goiter, and cysts. The clinic will serve 300 people and will include doctor consultation, pharmacy, medical intervention and psychosocial analysis.

The Community-Based Learning (CBL) Engagement is an extension available for participants that will allow them to integrate with communities longer to better understand  their current conditions and concerns, and form analysis related to their particular focus (health, arts and culture, advocacy, community-building, etc). CBL participants will partake in everyday activities which can include production work, cultural sharings, interviews, community/organizational meetings, and educational workshops.

We also appeal to various service institutions, community groups, elected officials, businessowners, school and student clubs, professionals, and all peace-loving members of the community to support this mission by sponsoring and donating.

Five years after Haiyan, let us reaffirm our commitment to aid disaster victims and support their full recovery by providing access to basic needs such as health services.

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Contact the Medical Mission Organizing Committee:, 415-683-6835