International Migrants Day

NAFCON 2012 International Migrants Day Art Series

For December 18th, International Migrants Day NAFCON is releasing over 100 responses to the Pulso ng Ating mga Kababayan Survey. Filipinos from all over the U.S. shared their thoughts and experiences regarding being an immigrant here in this country. We encourage the community to read some of the stories, share  your own and join us in celebrating International Migrants Day.

“I arrived in the US when I was 10 years old to live with my father who was already here in the US. My father moved here when I was still young in order to find jobs and for more opportunity. I am grateful that I moved here and was able to reunite with my family and finish with a good education at a prestigious university. I am, however, conflicted with my decision to stay here as most of my family is back in the Philippines. I am torn as my parents get older and face the decision of staying here with their kids or moving back to retire to the Philippines where they are most comfortable.”

Read more stories and share your own here.

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