Who can join NAFCON?

Any organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals who uphold our points of unity and advance our pillars can join NAFCON.

What does it mean to be affiliated with NAFCON?

As a member:

  • Help plan and host activities
  • Pay membership fee – $50/year for organizations and $25/year for individuals
  • Help recruit new members

As a supporter:

  • Participate in events
  • Donate at least $20/year
  • Provide resources for activities

How can we work together and collaborate?

As an organization:

  • Host an activity or create a platform or opportunity such as a workshop, forum, concert, service, legal clinic, festival, etc.
  • Help plan or fundraise for any of our 2019 activities
  • Reach out to new organizations and individuals to join

As an individual:

  • Help an organization plan for their activity