U.S. Filipinos Amplify Call for Real Change Under President Duterte

By Aurora Victoria David, Fr. Esteban DeLeon, Janet Basilan Gardose, Wayne Jopanda   With his no-nonsense style and salt of the earth demeanor, Rodrigo Duterte captured the hearts, minds, and votes of 39% of the 55 million Filipino people —including 72% of around 432,000 overseas Filipinos voters — who participated in the May 2016 election. […]

The SALO Project: 50 states, 50 weeks, 50 Filipino Pop-up Dinners

Link to Indiegogo Project – http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-salo-project-50-states-50-weeks-50-filipino-pop-up-dinners What is the SALO Project? The SALO Project is a series of Traveling Underground Pop-up Dinners featuring Regional Filipino Cuisine touring to the 50 States of America over the course of 50 weeks. Why the SALO Project? The main goal of this project is to create and raise awareness […]

San Mateo Medical Center through Ms. Lorda Rumbaua of the Department of Resource Management has endorsed NAFCON

San Mateo Medical Center through Ms. Lorda Rumbaua of the Department of Resource Management  has endorsed NAFCON and Careway Health Institute to all its staff for all monetary donations.


Anakbayan-USA Urges You to Donate through NAFCON

Anakbayan USA is helping to fundraise for NAFCON Bayanihan Relief Effort. Link to donate http://tinyurl.com/bayanihanreliefeffort Also check out their website, beautifully designed http://relief.anakbayan.net/


NAFCON Socal Vigil for Typhoon Victims

NAFCON Southern California and the Filipino Migrant Center will be holding a Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan on Friday November 15, 2013.  It will be held at at 7:45pm in front of Grace United Methodist Church (2325 East 3rd St.) in Long Beach, CA.  Monetary donations will be collected for NAFCON’s Bayanihan Disaster […]

Bayanihan Relief effort

Filipino Community Center Fundraising at Powell and Market in San Francisco

Beautiful and kind hearted San Francisco tourists, visitors, employees and residents reaching out to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda and donated to Nafcon Us. Tomorrow, Monday November 11, a group of us will be at Powell and Market 11:30am until 3pm. We will be singing Filipino songs and sharing the current situation. If you or […]

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