National Alliance for
Filipino Concerns Mission

NAFCON is a national alliance of Filipino organizations, institutions, and individuals that responds to the concerns of Filipinos in the US and in the Philippines by creating an action-oriented platform that brings people together through culture & heritage, education, health & wellness, and advocacy.


NAFCON launches campaigns that reflect the immediate and long-time concerns, issues,  aspirations and demands of the Filipino community in the United States.

Our campaigns are forged through series of town hall meetings, community discussions, fora and other creative means to solicit the input on a wide range of issues and platforms for collective action from broadest possible number of Filipinos across the country.


Bayanihan Response


Karapatang Kalusugan


Justice & Accountability

About Us

NAFCON was founded to protect the rights of Filipino immigrants from the anti-immigrant sentiment in the aftermath of 9/11. Filipino groups and church leaders recognized similar impacts across the U.S. and aimed to bring the discussion and support for the Filipino community to a national level.

Since then, NAFCON has tackled immigration issues such as deportation and labor trafficking. We have also taken on concerns of Filipino workers like workplace discrimination and wage theft. NAFCON members have won over $1 million unpaid wages through campaigns for Filipino caregivers, hotel workers, and others. 

Through conferences and leadership trainings, NAFCON has also engaged, empowered, and united Filipino youth across the country, We educate the youth and larger community on our history, culture, and current issues affecting Filipinos in the US and the Philippines.

NAFCON continues to engage individuals and organizations in the US in lending a hand to marginalized communities in the Philippines through medical and solidarity missions, community-based learning engagements, and other projects.


NAFCON Celebrates FAHM 2022

NAFCON Celebrates FAHM 2022

This October, NAFCON continues to commemorate and honor the bravery and sacrifices of Filipino workers and leaders in America, who have given inspiration to the new generations of Filipino-Americans. From the Filipino farmworkers who boldly fought against labor...

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NAFCON is a certified nonprofit 501c3 organization (EIN #45-4128737)