While our motherland is still reeling with the aftermath of typhoon Ursula, another tragic natural disaster befell our fellow Filipinos in the Southern Tagalog Region — the eruption of Taal volcano.

This event displaced thousands of our fellow countrymen, disrupting their economic livelihood and will continue to affect them emotionally and economically in the foreseeable future. This disaster will greatly affect the small farmers and fishermen — the most vulnerable sector of our society.

In light of this situation, NAFCON will spearhead a relief and rehabilitation effort to address the pressing needs of our people, particularly in Southern Tagalog Region.

NAFCON once again seek the help of our fellow Filipinos, as well as organizations and individuals to open their hearts and lend a helping hand for the national effort to help and rehabilitate the victims and survivors of this disaster.

Maraming salamat. (Thank you very much.)

How to Donate:

  • Via card online at this page (click “Donate” button)
  • Check: 
    1. Make check payable to “NAFCON” and write “Bayanihan/Taal Relief” in the memo
    2. Mail to 4681 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112

Donations can also be course through The Serve The People -Corps.