Frequently Asked Questions on the Filipino American

What is the Filipino American Agenda? 

The Filipino American Agenda is a list of demands that reflects the immediate and long-time concerns, issues and aspirations of the Filipino community in the United States. This agenda is for all Filipinos in the United States, both first generation or second generation, both U.S. born and Philippine born, and regardless of immigration status in the United States.

Who initiated the Filipino American Agenda? 

The Agenda is an initiative of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, Kabataan Alliance, Malaya Movement, Filipino Community Center and Filipino Migrant Center. This initiative is also in partnership with various organizations representing migrant workers, faith community, women’s organizations, youth and students organizations, institutions and many cause oriented groups.

How are we developing the Filipino American Agenda? 

The Agenda will be crafted through a series of town hall meetings, community discussions, fora and other creative means to solicit the input on a wide range of issues from broadest possible number of Filipinos across the country. This process will culminate in a National Townhall on March 21, 2021 where the final version of the Agenda will be presented and affirmed. 

After the Filipino American Agenda is approved at the National Town hall the agenda shall continue to be the basis of campaigns and advocacies. 

Why is the Filipino American Agenda important? Why should Filipinos participate and endorse? 

The creation of the Filipino American agenda is a historic and important step. The development of the Filipino American agenda is a step towards unity and empowerment of our community in the United States. Through the process of developing the Filipino American Agenda, we can build unity within our community across the country on the foundation of our collective interest and aspirations. The identification of collective interests shall serve as the basis for collaboration, projects, campaigns, advocacies and more.

We encourage the broadest participation of Filipinos from all classes and sectors of society and make their voice heard and be reflected in the Agenda. Individuals and organizations can participate by organizing town halls, meetings to discuss, amend and endorse the Filipino American Agenda.

Does this Agenda pertain to Filipino migrants? 

Yes. The Filipino American Agenda is for all Filipinos in the United States. It shall be the agenda for both first generation or second generation, both U.S. born and Philippine born, and regardless of immigration status.

Our story as a community of Filipinos living in America, while having taken deep roots in many parts of the country, is still inextricably linked to the journey of brave migrants who have left the Philippines decades ago as well as those who are forced to continue to do so today. Migrant Filipinos make up the majority of Filipinos living in the U.S. today, taking up many low-wage earning jobs in the health, food/restaurant, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. 

To support and endorse the Filipino American Agenda is to promote, advocate, and assert the rights and welfare issues of everyday, working-class Filipino families and individuals who suffer the most in the midst of unceasing economic and health disparities, and are often the targets of racism and xenophobia.

Addressing the issues Filipino migrants face is not only an objective of the Filipino American Agenda, it is a priority.  

What is the Agenda’s relationship to the current U.S. administration?  

While we plan to present this to the Biden-Harris administration, the Filipino American Agenda overall is a list of demands based on the needs and interests of our community. We will continue to develop this agenda, educate our community on these agenda items, add to it, and act on it as we are utilizing this agenda as a platform to unite our community on what we must strive and call for.  

We will present this agenda to President Biden and his team because the U.S. is currently led by his administration.  We would present this Filipino American Agenda regardless of who is in office.

Are we going to propose specific policies?

The Agenda outlines and presents an initial list of broad demands. These demands shall be the basis for concrete and specific campaigns, legislation, policies and projects that the Filipino community can take on a national, state-wide and local level. 

Through the town halls, discussions, and information sessions across the country, more concrete actions and next steps will develop. The Agenda will serve as a foundation through which we can advance the interest of Filipinso in the United States.

The Agenda can result in various campaigns, legislation, advocacies and projects. Through the town halls and discussions, the objective should aim to firm up and deepen the understanding of all concerns listed to determine if policies or legislation can and should be pursued. 

The Agenda can also serve as a tool to measure and strengthen or change existing policies, i.e raising federal minimum wage to $15/hr, the Violence Against Women Act, DACA, and many more. This Agenda can serve as a basis for statewide and city-wide legislation and policies.

Who in the Biden Administration will we send the Agenda to?

As soon as the Agenda is finalized at the National Townhall, the Agenda will be submitted to the Biden-Harris administration through multiple avenues. Including, but not limited to the White House Initiative for Asian American Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI), the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC). We will also engage Filipino-Americans in various agencies and elected officials of the U.S. government. 

Beyond this, we aim to organize various means of pushing our issues, together with the community through grassroots community action, legislation and policy advocacy.

NOTE: this FAQ will be updated regularly to respond to various questions as they come up. For questions and concerns, email