Historical Context of June 12 

It was on June 12, 1898 when the Filipino revolutionary government proclaimed the independence of the Philippines from Spain. Although the sovereignty of the First Philippine Republic was usurped following the Philippine-American War (1899-1902/1913), June 12th remains officially recognized and celebrated as Filipino Independence Day because it was on this day that the Filipino people, as a new nation, asserted independence from colonialism.

Every June 12th, Philippine “Independence” Day is celebrated as the day that Filipinos exercised self-determination in their fight for freedom after centuries of Spanish colonial rule. It is also a day that is recognized as “Hindipendence” Day to challenge the idea that our country is free when foreign influence continues to impede our sovereignty.

It is important for us to recognize what is at stake – sovereignty of the Philippines under the newly elected Marcos-Duterte tandem.  We must always remember and never forget the horrors under Marcos Sr.’s administration and the painful scar that Martial Law left on our country. We must be cautious against the historical revisionism that erases the human rights violations and election fraud that occurred 50 years ago under his administration, and be vigilant as similar tactics have and will continue to be prevalent under his son’s regime.

Continue the Resilience of the Filipino people, Assert Philippine Sovereignty

The Filipino people are taught to recover quickly from difficulties such as economic struggles, militarization, environmental disasters, and the criminal neglect from the ever worsening corruption. The issues and hardships faced by the Filipino people will only be alleviated by our perseverance towards genuine rights & welfare without foreign interference. Let us continue to tackle our problems head on, support communities in need, and advocate for a brighter future. ​​Let today be less about the date, but more about the true patriotism we witness in our culture, the pride felt as workers of excellence, creativity small businesses have created to stay afloat, care workers both elderly care and childcare to the front.  Let today be about the continuing and strengthening resilience of the Filipino people towards freedom and liberation.